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The information here is accurate but does not reflect the highly interactive, practical and challenging nature of the teaching. Please read the dialogues for a sense of how The Way of Seeing® actually works in people's lives.

The Way of Seeing® consists of four major elements that work together to free you from the tyranny of your conditioning and simultaneously put you in touch with your deeper Being. These elements are:

    sitting meditation
    tuning in
    quiet time

The sitting meditation practice helps you to gain distance from your thoughts, which allows you to examine them and discard those that produce suffering. The meditation practice also creates space within your consciousness for the other elements to work, especially for the inner teacher to become available to you.

Tuning in puts you directly in touch with your feelings and adds another dimension to your life, greatly enriching it. You discover a depth to life that you haven't experienced since childhood and find a richness within yourself that you had previously sought in external things like relationships, work, sports, and the media.

Once you can watch your thoughts without being caught in them and can feel your feelings without the mind interfering, you can see how the interplay of thoughts and feelings creates virtually all your experiences of life. This way of seeing is very healing. Something deep within begins to dissolve the patterns that create your dis-ease. But, for healing to take place, you first need to see this dis-ease clearly. Once you can successfully meditate and tune in, you will see and understand how various unpleasant life situations—anxiety, compulsions, worries, bad relationships, poor choices, timidity, recklessness—arise, and this seeing automatically begins to undo them.

Quiet time, which you learn to weave into your daily activities, allows your inner Being to influence your life in a very positive way. You may find that long-standing personal problems dissolve, or you may discover that you have far more energy available. Quiet time allows the inner teacher to begin to help you. And you will come to find your own company enjoyable and nourishing, and cease to depend on others and outside activities to feel good.

Retreats are simply highly concentrated periods of quiet time. They have a catalytic effect that fosters deep and rapid change. Retreats are recommended and become effective once you can meditate, tune in, and feel comfortable being alone with yourself. Retreats are solitary, and you choose to undertake them in a natural location that appeals to you.

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