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Free Meditation Classes in Seattle

Every Monday at 6:30 pm. Please arrive a few minutes early, as the doors are locked promptly at 6:30 pm. We regret the necessity for this action, but in the past latecomers have been disruptive of the class. Being early also allows time to relax and settle in before the class begins.

In 2015 the exceptions to the weekly Monday night schedule will be:

May 25th, no class due to Memorial Day
July 13, no class - summer holiday
September 7th, no class due to Labor Day 
December 28th no class due to the winter holidays

At the Talaris Conference Center at 4000 NE 41st St, Seattle. Once you are on the Talaris Campus there will be signs directing you to class. Click here for maps and directions. The Talaris Center is air-conditioned, so the room is comfortable regardless of the weather.

You are welcome to just come to class, or, if you'd like further information before attending, please email us at or call Leslie at 206-949-7933. Please note, this meditation is suitable for people 18 and older. Other forms of meditation are more suitable for younger teens.
Please arrive 5-10 minutes early as meditation instructions are given at the beginning and if you arrive late you won't be able to participate. Being early also allows time to settle in before the class begins.
These classes are offered to give you the tools and understandings to help you make your life work better for you. They are designed to be highly practical and are completely free of religious and/or spiritual dogma and jargon. There is no particular way of life emphasized other than an aware one. Tools are provided to help bring awareness into your life so you can create more satisfaction in your life while reducing tensions and anxieties.
The beginning meditation class will introduce you to a simple, yet powerful, sitting practice that, when done regularly, will help cut through many of your problems and bring clarity and peace.
Once you have established your meditation practice, you may be invited to join a second class where you learn how to tune in, a different meditation which focuses on being in touch with your feelings, especially to allow you to enjoy the positive feelings and not to be thrown by the negative ones. You will begin to discover a whole new dimension to your life.
The second class allows an opportunity to refine the use of these practices and learn how to use them to deal with difficult or troublesome situations in your life and also how to create more happiness for yourself.
There is no charge for any of the above classes.

For more information on the classes please go to or find us on Meetup

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