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The information here is accurate but does not reflect the highly interactive, practical and challenging nature of the teaching. Please read the dialogues for a sense of how The Way of Seeing® actually works in people's lives.

The Way of Seeing® was brought forth by Ken Russell in 1983 following an intense stay of nearly five years in India. There emerged an intuitive understanding of how liberation can be attained in our contemporary world. It is an extremely simple path, able to be practiced while we are engaged in everyday life yet leading to the Ultimate. It is a path on which we "see" how we actually exist, that our experience of ourselves and our life is primarily an interplay of thoughts and feelings. By watching and examining our thoughts, and by fully and deeply experiencing our feelings, we see how we come to have the experience of life that we do.

This is important because many life experiences can be unpleasant; we may experience anxiety, worry, confusion, tenseness, unfulfilling relationships, compulsions, procrastination, inertia, and so forth. Unfortunately, much modern psychological and spiritual thought holds these to be unavoidable accompaniments of life. They are not. While they may be normal in our world, they are not necessary, and they can be eliminated or greatly reduced by seeing how we create these unsatisfactory situations. Health—which is a life of ease and enjoyment—begins to be restored when we see the dis-ease that our minds create. Then, the patterns that create suffering and dis-ease begin to melt away. Life becomes more and more enjoyable and easy as these inappropriate or dysfunctional patterns drop away.

In the Way of Seeing®, two processes happen concurrently. One is the continual weakening and dissolving of dysfunctional personality patterns through seeing or awareness. As our energy is no longer caught up in struggling with ourselves or the world, it becomes easier to contact our innate and uncorrupted true nature, variously termed Buddha-nature, Christ consciousness, the soul, the Self, and so forth. This allows the second process, the healing of our consciousness by the inner teacher and an increasing sense of direction from within. The two processes work simultaneously and assist each other. Deepening contact with our inner being provides an increasing experience of intrinsic health and joy; this makes it easier to deal with restrictive and life-dampening programming. And with the lessening of these programs, we are more in contact with our inner being, which increases our sense of ease and joy in life.

The Way of Seeing® is a path of accelerated ripening on which students are responsible for their progress. There is no belief system or dogma to accept, only exercises and experiments with life to determine what works and what doesn't work. The Way of Seeing® is highly individualized; each person determines for him- or herself how to live.

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